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About Norna

Norna is a Swedish AI company with a talented team of 30 people from 8 nationalities, drawing on experience from HP, Ericsson, Aifloo, Tobii. We are a didicated team of AI scientists, designers, product managers and AI engineers with a mission to disrupt the retail industry.

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Team Lead Norna

Michael Collaros

A serial entrepreneur with focus on AI applications.

Initiator of the Swedish AI Code of Ethics (together with Microsoft, CGI and Ericsson), AI Summit and the network AI-Hub.

Jonas Saric

Entrepreneur with a long background from several industries.

Including various C-level positions in several public and non-public Tech companies.
+46 73 310 30 51

Gunnar Strand

Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in developing tech products.

Former Scandinavian CEO at HP, Kodak and European sales manager at AMEX.
+46 73 315 36 20

Martin Hallander

Retail executive and entrepreneur with a rich background from international retail companies.

Leading positions at Esprit, Inter Sport and Desigugal among others.
+46 70 444 20 68

Dr Ying Liu

With a double PhD Ying is one of Sweden's leading researchers in the field of AI.

Got a lot of attention for his AI models that predicted climate changes.

Xinhui Wang
AI Lead

Experienced AI developer with a master's degree from KTH.

Where she focused on advanced AI models for the retail industry.