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The World's most advanced AI for pricing and
assortment decisions. Buckle up and enjoy!


Enhanced decisions and increased earnings

It started in Sweden with self-driving cars and it ended with a t-shirt.
We have created the World’s most advanced and granular image analysis AI model to make it easy for you to follow your products and how they compare against your competitors. All self-driving. All in real-time.

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Enhance your decision-making

Make them all a winner

Veriscope helps you track and find the right price for each individual product in your vast product portofolio. Catch any change with ease in real-time and give your company an advantage against competition

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Make them all a winner
A gorgeous UI for gorgeous people

A solution developed not by bean counters, but by decision makers in a number of leading fashion, management and retail companies. All packaged to automize any boring and time-consuming work.

The devil is in the details

Comparing categories of products is easy. Creating comparisons, recognizing that garments might not be comparable just because they look similar, is hard. Our AI specializes in the detection of hundreds of different details.

We add millions of products every week

But bigger is not necessarily better. It is all about being able to draw the right conclusions and that requires brains, not brawns.

Put the AI to work

Automize and replace your manual work with an AI that thinks of fashion only, 24 hours per day.

Scandinavian design Perfected

Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian design is characterized by a focus on functionalism and simplicity, just as Veriscope.

Standardized yet fully Customizable

Benefit from a super easy deployable solution that you
can customize for any special purpose.

Integrate to Slack?
No problems

Use our amazing API’s and integrate to Slack or any other modern collaboration tool to gain Veriscope insights.

A World-class user experience

A tool developed together with retail industry leaders
and designed for a modern digital process.

Make them all a winner

Intelligence, analytics
and engineering.

Norna is a Swedish advanced analytics AI startup operating in the intersection of analytics,
technology and design to improve the performance of retailers and to allow them to compete against tech giants.
We are a team of AI scientists, designers, product managers and engineers with a mission to disrupt the retail industry

Make them all a winner

Norna + IBM =
calculation magic

The future of AI spells hybrid clouds. Traditional server solutions are way to slow for massive AI calculations. Together with IBM Norna has built an unique architecture with super servers to support our customers.


Norna's Al team =
unique technology

Norna’s AI team has developed unique AI technologies to analyze product data together with leading pricing and product experts.

Some words from the Al team

How to excel in the Major league

Amazon dominates the marketplace by using AI to manage prices, attract customers and increase profits by an average of 25% annually. Norna gives traditional retail companies a fighting chance to compete in the same league.

How does it work

Veriscope is a powerful and user-friendly AI tool that gets the job done.
The solution helps you find and understand your own position in the marketplace.








Price Index




Price ladder




Getting started with a new solution should be super easy. Veriscope guides the first-time user in a very simple way to make sure that the initial settings of Veriscope get done, regardless of if you are a category manager, a sourcing manager, something entirely different or all of the above!

The dashboard is your starting point when you log-on to Veriscope. It is fully customizable, which means that everything you are interested in is at a glance.

The Collection contains all your products. Play around to see your product portfolio in +100 different dimensions based on the properties of your portfolio. When you are happy, save your collection as a Playlist to have it readily avaliable the next time you logon, or to share it with your collegues.

The Price Index view gives you everything you need to know on how your prices stand-up vs. any competitor of interest in any market or currency you choose, this minute, day or why not half a year ago?

Knowing hundreds of fine details on your collection, the Assortment analysis view allows you to position yourself against your competitors in so many additional ways than just by price. Why does a specific competitor have 50% cut away collars in their German shirt assortment, and why are they able to charge more ythanou as their quality of fabric seems no different than yours? And more so, when do competitors launch and discontinue products and how do these shifts correlate to price changes?

The Price ladder is known to most financial fashion analysts. We simplify the process of creating a Price ladder tremendously and we make it worthwhile to actually look at the numbers as they are super fresh and as they cover all your competitor products in any way you want to.

Markdowns is an interesting one. We give you your true markdown situation (i.e. based on the prices your competitors actually charged prior to the price reduction) as well as the subjective situation (i.e. based on advertised pre campaign prices). The difference is sometimes substantial…

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