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Norna Analytics™ enables fashion enterprises to fine-tune their product assortments down to the SKU level. The exceptional granularity of our market data is designed to cater to customer demands and to empower timely decision-making.

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      Norna Analytics helped us to benchmark price, position, and assortment before launching on a new market, it saved us from a costly trial and error approach.

      – Product Manager European Omnichannel Premium Lifestyle Brand

        Working with Norna Analytics resulted in 33% reduction in SKU with a 36% growth in net sales.​

        – Senior director of merchandise management european luxury outdoor brand​

          Norna Analytics helps us to optimize the wholesale channel mix and protect brand equity.​

          – Senior director digital retail emea & global e-commerce & digital growth leader global premium outdoor brand​

            Norna Analytics helped us identify mismatches between price position and strategy that revealed an opportunity to increase prices on core products.​

            – Buying and sales director e-commerce pure player​

            How Norna assortment supports your success​

            Each of these features is designed to empower fashion enterprises with the data and insights needed to optimize their assortment planning processes. By leveraging Norna Analytics™, businesses can achieve a competitive edge, adapt quickly to market trends, and drive sales success through strategic inventory management.

            Granular SKU-level insights

            Unlock the potential of every product with SKU-level analytics, fine-tuning your assortment for maximum appeal and sales.

            Advanced competitor analysis

            Outsmart competitors with deep insights into their strategies, refining your offerings to capture market share.

            Dynamic trend tracking

            Stay ahead with real-time trend analysis, ensuring your assortment always meets current customer desires.

            Profitable inventory management

            Reduce excess stock and boost sales with strategic recommendations, aligning inventory with market demand.

            Material and variation analytics

            Elevate your range with detailed analyses on sizes, materials, and variations, catering to diverse customer preferences.

            Decision-enabling dashboard

            Make informed decisions swiftly through an intuitive interface, turning complex data into actionable insights.

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            How Norna will assist you in refining your assortment strategies

            Increased sales

            Tailor your product offerings to match customer preferences precisely, leading to higher sales volumes by stocking what your customers want to buy.

            Waste reduction

            Lower the risk of unsold inventory and contribute to sustainability efforts by making more informed production and stocking decisions.

            Inventory efficiency

            Reduce overstock and minimize understock scenarios by aligning your inventory levels with real market demand, improving cash flow and reducing storage costs.

            Data-driven decisions

            Leverage advanced analytics and real-time data to make informed decisions, reducing reliance on intuition and potentially costly mistakes.

            Market responsiveness

            Quickly adapt to fast-changing fashion trends and consumer preferences, keeping your offerings fresh and relevant.

            Comprehensive market view

            Obtain a 360-degree view of the market with insights into competitor strategies, customer behavior, and trend evolution.

            Competitive differentiation

            Gain a competitive advantage by understanding market gaps and competitor weaknesses, allowing you to position your products more strategically.

            Strategic assortment expansion

            Identify opportunities for assortment expansion by understanding customer demands and market trends, helping to guide new product development.

            Customer satisfaction

            Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by consistently offering products that meet or exceed their expectations in terms of style, size, and material.

            Time and resource optimization

            Streamline the assortment planning process with efficient data analysis tools, saving time and resources that can be redirected to other strategic initiatives.

            Unlock the future of fashion retail

            Experience firsthand how our cutting-edge assortment planning solution can revolutionize your inventory strategy, boost sales, and satisfy your customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your product offerings with precision and insight.

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