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Norna for Pricing helps customers to achieve market  transparency. We enable our customers to define and continuously assess optimal pricing strategies to assure maximum profitability.​

Setting the right selling price is a pivotal task for the success of a company. Our free White Paper explores the various methods of setting selling prices, the importance of thorough research in this process, and the pros and cons associated with each pricing strategy.

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      Norna Analytics helped us to benchmark price, position, and assortment before launching on a new market, it saved us from a costly trial and error approach.

      – Product Manager European Omnichannel Premium Lifestyle Brand

        Working with Norna Analytics resulted in 33% reduction in SKU with a 36% growth in net sales.​

        – Senior director of merchandise management european luxury outdoor brand​

          Norna Analytics helps us to optimize the wholesale channel mix and protect brand equity.​

          – Senior director digital retail emea & global e-commerce & digital growth leader global premium outdoor brand​

            Norna Analytics helped us identify mismatches between price position and strategy that revealed an opportunity to increase prices on core products.​

            – Buying and sales director e-commerce pure player​

            How Norna for pricing supports your success​

            Norna Analytics is an AI driven tool that tracks, collects and harmonizes millions of products and data points across the globe in real-time

            Customized pricing strategies

            Tailor your pricing approach to match your business model and market demands, enhancing competitiveness.

            Revenue optimization:

            Leverage AI to find the ideal price points that maximize profits without deterring customers.

            Market adaptability

            Quickly adjust prices in response to market changes, ensuring you stay ahead of competitors.

            Data-driven decisions

            Use analytics and machine learning to make informed pricing decisions based on customer behavior and trends.

            Increased efficiency

            Automate the pricing process to save time and reduce errors, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

            Customer satisfaction

            Implement fair pricing strategies that reflect value, improving customer loyalty and trust.

            Companies that trust us

            How Norna will assist you in refining your pricing strategies

            Tailored pricing models

            Custom-fit solutions that align with your specific business needs and customer base.

            Competitive edge

            Stay ahead with strategic pricing that undercuts or outperforms competitors.

            Enhanced profit margins

            Optimized pricing leads to increased revenue with minimal impact on demand.

            Cost efficiency

            Streamline operations and reduce the workload, saving time and operational costs.

            Quick market response

            Agility to adapt prices in real-time based on market dynamics and trends.


            Grow your pricing strategy as your business expands, without losing control or effectiveness.

            Data-driven insights

            Make informed decisions through analytics on customer behavior and price sensitivity.

            Transparent pricing strategy

            Clear, understandable pricing that customers appreciate, leading to better satisfaction and engagement.

            Pricing automation

            Reduce manual effort and errors with automated pricing adjustments.

            Improved customer loyalty

            Fair pricing strategies that build trust and encourage repeat business.

            Take control of your pricing strategy

            Download our white paper today! elevate your business with Norna’s innovative pricing solutions. click ‘Download the white paper’ to dive deep into the science of dynamic pricing. your journey to optimized profits starts here!”

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