Norna Analytics

Norna Analytics is an AI driven analytics platform that provides market insights that are critical for profitable merchandising within the fashion and accessories industry.

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Norna Analytics, the worlds most powerful analytic platform for granular analyse of fashion products, pricing, discounts, best selling products and assortment. Powered by Nornas massive AI models.


Most powerful retail analytics on the planet

Understand the market in real time. Do advanced price and assortment research, see the competitors' best-selling products, how the discount situation looks like and much more.

Enhance your decision-making

Developed together with the retail industry

Make them all a winner

Powerful pricing tools

See price changes in real time or historically.
Compare between countries.

Make them all a winner

See assortment changes

See differences and splits in assortment, materials and colors.

Make them all a winner

See the most popular products of your competitors

Smart selection of regions and competitors. Edit your matching and confidence level of AI.


Developed together with leading price experts

Make them all a winner

Powerful export functionalities

Export any finding to PowerPoint or Excel or share it with your Team using in-system links.

Make them all a winner

Best selling attributes

See the attributes of the most popular products, country by country.