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Ying Liu CTO Norna


"Creating solutions to real-world problems is at the core of Norna"

Mr. Ying Liu is one of Sweden’s most experienced AI experts. He entered the field 15 years ago with research in the field of image recognition and distributed computing.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am originally from Wuhan, China, and I did my double doctorate at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. I am a keen problem solver and propagator of the need for AI to become more practical, in order to solve real world problems in many small steps, preferably using a combination of many AI and non-AI approaches at once, instead of one approach for everything. Years of experience in the industry not only trained me with the ability to code and prototype computer systems but more importantly the ability to efficiently and effectively realize and make values of new ideas with people around me.

Why is it so exciting to work with AI?

AI holds the keys to solve many of the problems of the World, but there are also risks. Humanity has just achieved the level of necessary computational power and AI know-how to really start work in the field. Most agree that the development curve will be exponential in the decades to come and for anyone who really wants to make a print that will last for hundreds of years, AI is the place to be. And how can anything be more exciting than that?

Another truly exciting development as of lately is the ongoing transition of AI from being mainly theoretical into solving of real world problems. Having spent countless hours on building AI models, I am happy to see a rich emergence of generally avaliable libraries, converting the role of an AI engineer from a person that spends most of its time on building the fundaments of AI, into becoming a real problem solver.

processing cloud
UUsing the new calculation tools from IBM have really helped the AI team a lot. The new Power PC processors are extremley powerful.

What is so special about Norna’s AI?

Norna’s approach to AI is revolutionary as we combine layers of a many different AI-technologies to achieve the desired objective to understand on-line products in a way similar or better than the trained eye of a veteran merchandiser with the memory of billions of individual products.

Without giving away any core IP I really do believe that we are doing things differently, and that we have the potential to disrupt.