Picky Living and Norna launch the World’s first Artificial Intelligence for personalized interior design

Retail is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Digitalization is a game changer. The latest advancements in artificial intelligence will change everything.

The end-user is empowered. And forward-looking companies will be winners.

An important step in this development is the launch by the innovative kitchen manufacturer Picky Living and the Swedish AI company Norna of the World’s first AI-based kitchen designer. Customers can now design a photorealistic kitchen based off artificial intelligence, using personal preferences and global kitchen design trends.

The state-of-the art AI that Norna has implemented in Picky Living’s online store (@ www.pickyliving.se) executes the tasks of a kitchen designer in a timespan of just a few seconds, adapting its recommendations entirely to the preferences of the customer.

It is all about providing the customer with the power over his/her own user experience. We have only seen the beginning of the impact of artificial intelligence in retail, says Norna’s co-founder Michael Collaros. We are continuously developing new exciting AI-solutions to strengthen the digital experience of the end-user. The Picky Living application is just one example of what our world leading AI-team can achieve, and we are already working on additional applications that will significantly improve the interaction between consumers and retailers.

Our strategy is to be in the forefront of digital developments, so the decision to go for Norna was an obvious choice, says Picky Living’s CEO and co-founder Henrik Haij. It is with great pride that we present this groundbreaking AI solution to our customers. The solution will make them aware of all the fantastic product combinations that we offer, and it will also encourage customers to step outside of the comfort zone that a white or grey kitchen usually provide, finishes Henrik Haij.

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