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Norna empowers businesses by converting trillions of data points into valuable insights. Gain a competitive edge in today’s disruptive landscape within seconds.

Meet norna
Meet Norna

Harness the power of AI and data science

Norna Analytics is an intutive, AI-driven market analytics tool that tracks, collects and harmonizes millions of information and data points across the globe in real-time. Norna finds and reveals actionable insights of outstanding accuracy supporting
businesses to excel.

Gross margin

Our clients have on average improved their gross margins by 4,7% within the first year after implementing of Norna Analytics.

Saved hours

Our users reduce their time spent on manual benchmarking of prices and products by average 37%.

Purchase and pricing

85% of our clients notice improvements in their assortment and pricing strategies already two months after using Norna analytics.


Relevant insights at your fingertips

From high level trends to detailed pricing analysis of niche categories in any market or dimension, we’ve got you covered.


Define optimal pricing strategies to assure maximum profitability.


We enable the fashion industry to fine-tune product assortments at the SKU level.

Data as a service

Use our proprietary deep scraping technology for unique data-driven decision-making.

    Norna Analytics helped us to benchmark price, position, and assortment before launching on a new market, it saved us from a costly trial and error approach.

    – Product Manager European Omnichannel Premium Lifestyle Brand

      Working with Norna Analytics resulted in 33% reduction in SKU with a 36% growth in net sales.​

      – Senior director of merchandise management european luxury outdoor brand​

        Norna Analytics helps us to optimize the wholesale channel mix and protect brand equity.​

        – Senior director digital retail emea & global e-commerce & digital growth leader global premium outdoor brand​

          Norna Analytics helped us identify mismatches between price position and strategy that revealed an opportunity to increase prices on core products.​

          – Buying and sales director e-commerce pure player​


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