Assortment planning, perfected

Norna Analytics™ enables fashion enterprises to fine-tune their product assortments down to the SKU level. The exceptional granularity of our market data is designed to cater to customer demands and to empower timely decision-making.

How. A compact all covering user experience

Norna’s data methodology enables more precise and distinct assortment analytics than any other existing solutions. Drawing inspiration from financial analytics tools, this approach consolidates numerous competitor perspectives into a unified view, emphasizing aspects such as sold-out scenarios, size ranges, product variations, and material compositions.

Synchronize offerings with market trends

Norna Analytics™ delivers market intelligence and trend analysis that is constantly refreshed and of essence to tactical and profitable assortment planning. Leveraging the insights from our solution. businesses can strategically stock the right products, synchronize their offerings with prevailing market trends, and optimize sales while minimizing surplus inventory


Tailored to your needs.

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