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We grow companies by enabling them to deliver a truly personal digital user experience. This is done through proprietary neural networks to create a genuine understanding of human digital behavior.

Retail faces a huge digital transformation

The industry changes from product and logistics centric to consumer centric. From physical stores to digital stores.


A timely opportunity

Just a few years ago a sophisticated market solution would not have been possible. New AI technologies have taken a huge leap.

Norna = AI driven image analysis.

Norna develops AI models to collect and analyze image data about the real characteristics of products and how they relate to individual consumer preferences.



Tag your product catalogue with AI. Generate titles and detailed product descriptions automatically to get unparalleled understanding of the features that sell or not. Save time and money with automation.


AI driven Image Recognition algorithms provide a unique personal shopping experience. We use deep know-how of World trends and state of the art color theories as a basis for real-time individualized recommendations.



Use the power of AI and Big Data and tailor your online storefront for each shopper with autonomous personalization based on each shopper’s style preferences. Bring shoppers down a guided journey through your online store, reduce bounce rates.

NORNA - The movie

Norna is a cutting edge AI start-up in Stockholm, Sweden.

The company was founded in 2018 by Michael Collaros, Christer Norström and Jonas Saric as a response to the growing need of true personalization within the digital field, driven by a World that is rapidly becoming increasingly digitized while it’s also becoming cluttered with digital and often meaningless content.

Norna provides individuals with a truly customized shopping experience based on their interests, buying behavior, demographics and psychographics, what we refer to as Deep Personalization.

The objective is to streamline the individual’s search process and to increase the pleasantness of being on-line. Consequently, Norna strives to decrease the efforts spent by individuals to find the goods that is right for them, and – as a side effect, to reduce waste consumption.

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