Smarter pricing for bigger profits

Norna for Pricing helps our customers to achieve market  transparency. We enable our customers to define and continuously assess optimal pricing strategies to assure maximum profitability.

How. Comparing apples to apples

One size does not fill all, and as such norna offers a dynamic and customizable approach on how to work with data, data structures and user applications. Our pricing solution delivers true, relevant insights. As we build data sets based on your individual requirements and relevant division of products. We harmonize the assortment of the entire market according to these tailor-made data structures.

Your benefits. Better margins.

Norna’s data approach allows for sharper and different price and assortment analytics than anyone else in the marketplace, such as on the pricing strategies of competitors for identical or similar products in different markets/countries; sold-out situations; price drivers through use of compact dashboards that cover all relevant metrics in one place. Norna’s user interface is inspired by financial analytics tools that replace a multitude of separate competitor views.

Limitless insights. From SKU to global market

There are no limitations to Norna Analytics™ as we allow our customers to track either their individual iconic products throughout their lifecycles, or the performance of their categories in any country, wholesale channel or in the market as a whole.


Tailored to your needs.

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Assortment planning, perfected Norna Analytics™ enables fashion enterprises to fine-tune their product assortments down to the SKU level....

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