Bogner, a world leading luxurious sportswear brand, selects Norna for AI powered business intelligence.

The Swedish AI company Norna today announces an agreement with one of the world’s most legendary sportwear brands Bogner, based in Germany. The agreement is to supply Norna’s web-based SaaS tool Norna Analytics®. 

 “We are thrilled to support Bogner with AI powered Business Intelligence in their ongoing expansion and digitization journey”, says Michael Collaros, Co-founder of Norna. 

“Working with Norna Analytics fits well into our digitalization strategy and it is a step in the right direction for us to integrate AI-based analyses into our decision-making process”, says Venkat Karinti, Director of Merchandising Operations. 

Norna Analytics® is an advanced solution used by Norna’s B2B customers in their commercial planning and execution processes to trade better and to protect their margins. Norna Analytics® is based on large scale data harvesting and analysis to deliver insights and market transparency to brands across the world. The four major business segments that are addressed by Norna Analytics® are pricing, promotions, assortment position, planning, and trends. 

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Michael Collaros, Co-founder Norna:

About Norna

Norna is a Swedish leading applied Artificial Intelligence company that has developed several innovative AI solutions since 2018 to increase the profitability of customers, fashion currently being the main focus area. Norna is growing fast and today engages a manyfold team of skilled IT-developers and industry experts from several different countries and cultures. 

About Bogner

Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA, based in Munich, is an internationally successful lifestyle company and the leading provider of exclusive sports fashion, luxurious sportswear and designer fashion. The company appears in over 50 countries with the BOGNER (Woman, Man, Sport, Kids) and FIRE+ICE brands as well as licences. The company, which has existed since 1932, is led by Heinz Hackl and Gerrit Schneider, owner is Willy Bogner represented by trustee Arndt Geiwitz. More information: 

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