Norna has together with Microsoft, Ericsson and CGI developed an Industry Code for responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Digitalization continues at a rapid pace. Digitally controlled systems and sensors are already an integral part of daily life. In the future, digital components will be a natural part of society and people’s lives. Digitalization has contributed to creating a better, more resource efficient and more inclusive society. 

In order to be able to accept the changes that Artificial Intelligence can invoke, individuals must be able to trust that their privacy will be respected, that decisions made by automated systems are impartial, and that ethical assessments have been made. 

Therefore, leading players in Artificial Intelligence have now developed an Industry Code to counteract any unethical use of Artificial Intelligence in Sweden.

Work on the Industry Code’s has been led by IT & Telekomföretagen and companies such as Norna, CGI, Microsoft. Tieto and Ericsson have also been involved in the development of the Code. An important starting point has been to avoid the design mistakes and unfortunate results that can be the product of naiveté and a lack of knowledge in both manufacturers and users. 

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