Norna reaches global data coverage

The Swedish AI startup Norna today announces that it has reached global data coverage in its online data collection activities within fashion, today effectively covering a multitude of fashion vendors in North and South America, Europe and Asia, with a special Asian focus on China and Japan. 

Norna is operating a proprietary and fully automated 24/7 data collection factory, using a variety of state-of-the-art data collection and unblocking technologies to ensure repetitive and high-quality coverage of a multitude of fashion attributes that are of interest along Norna’s advanced data analysis pipeline. Besides the basic price dimension, Norna is currently monitoring approximately 1,700 product parameters in order to truly understand the real-time marketplace situation. 

“We have come a very long way, and we have spent massive efforts and think-work to develop our proprietary data collection factory since launch of the first prototype some three years ago”, says Norna’s CTO, Dr. Ying Liu. “Of special pride is that we are today repetitively collecting billions of real-time data points from all corners of the world and that we are able to do so through a hyper streamlined and cost-efficient workflow. All-in-all I believe that we are achieving things that less than a handful of companies in the world are able to do, at a fraction of their cost, and that is truly pleasing”, finishes Ying Liu. 

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