Norna signs agreement with major European chain store on the provision of Norna Analytics

The Swedish AI startup Norna today announces that it has signed an agreement with a major European chain store on the provision of the company’s AI powered market intelligence software, Norna Analytics. The name of the chainstore is undisclosed due to contractual reasons, but it has more than 1,200 establishments in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Spain.

“Signing of the undisclosed major chain store into the growing family of Norna Analytics customers is highly pleasing, and it is furthermore providing us with evidence of the excellent international product market fit of the technology that we have developed”, says Norna’s COB Michael Collaros. “Having an initial focus on the Nordic small to mid-sized customer market, our continued growth journey will see an increase in the number of international, larger size customers, such as this undisclosed major chain store”, finishes Michael Collaros.

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