Norna’s powerful AI identifies the best-selling fashion products of the World.

In the end of August 2021, Norna will launch a new groundbreaking AI functionality that identifies and understands the best selling products of the fashion market place of the World. This enables Norna’s customers’ to truly understand the best selling products of competitors, and to react accordingly.

This is an important part of the upcoming Norna Analytics August release.

We have only seen the beginning of the opportunities that AI brings to the retail industry, says Norna’s co-founder and chairman Michael Collaros.

About Norna

Norna is a Swedish leading applied Artificial Intelligence company that has developed several innovative AI solutions since 2018 to increase the profitability of its customers, fashion currently being the main focus area. Norna is growing fast and today engages a manyfold team of skilled IT-developers and industry experts from several different countries and cultures. 

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