The successful Spanish fashion brand Bimba y Lola selects Norna for AI powered Business Intelligence

The Swedish AI startup Norna today announces that it has signed a commercial agreement with the Spanish high profiled fashion brand Bimba y Lola. The agreements is on the supply of Norna’s web-based SaaS tool Norna Analytics®. 

Norna Analytics® is an advanced solution that Norna’s B2B customers use in their commercial planning and execution processes to trade better and to protect their margins. Norna Analytics® is based on large scale data harvesting and analysis to deliver insights and market transparency to brands across the world. The four major business segments that are addressed by Norna Analytics® are pricing, promotions, assortment position, planning, and trends. 

For questions, please contact:

Gunnar Strand, Chief Executive Officer at Norna,

About Norna

Norna is a Swedish leading applied Artificial Intelligence company that has developed several innovative AI solutions since 2018 to increase the profitability of customers, fashion currently being the main focus area. Norna is growing fast and today engages a manyfold team of skilled IT-developers and industry experts from several different countries and cultures. 

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